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Home-Asked Questions


What kind of warranty comes with my product?

  • We have a 5 years -service warranty in case of problems with hardware, color fade, etc. Contact us by filling in the form provided in case of inconveniences.

 Is ENCRAFT Windows and Doors rustproof?

  • ENCRAFT Doors and Windows are 100% rustproof and lead free.

What are the methods of cleaning ENCRAFT Windows and Doors?

  • You can simply clean the ENCRAFT windows and doors by using water and a mild soap.

How are the ENCRAFT Doors and Windows priced?

  • The windows and doors are dependent on a variety of factors:
  1. UPVC Material Variation choice
  2. Size and design
  3. Glass options (glazing, coating, glass filling, etc.)
  4. Quality and workmanship
  5. Hardware brand

What is the life of ENCRAFT Windows and Doors?

  • ENCRAFT Windows and Doors are highly durable and weatherproof. These require low maintenance and are well-suited for all weather conditions.  The average life span of ENCRAFT UPVC windows can range more than 25-30 years.

Can I install a bug mesh in my Windows and Doors?

  • Yes, you can install a bug mesh from ENCRAFT Windows and Doors to avoid bugs in your home.