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GLOBAL INDUSTRIES GROUP, a fabricator of high quality brands in India namely  ENCRAFT’ ( German quality European standard-BSEN12608) and ‘CORA’ as well as a premium quality Nepali brand ‘ DIMEX’ is obligated to provide the best service and customer satisfaction to all its customers.

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We offer 100% tailor-made solutions for your homes and offices. Contact us today and watch our window experts transform your house to a home


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Termite proof

ENCRAFT Window and Doors are Termite proof and do not get swelling during monsoon while wooden Windows and Doors get damaged by termite (bugs) and swell up in monsoon

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Weather Resistance

ENCRAFT windows are the perfect barrier against the weather elements because of which problems like rotting, splitting, warping or corroding does not take place

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Strong and Secure

ENCRAFT Windows and Doors are designed to allow the secure fitting of hinges, locking devices and handles providing a high level of security against intrusion.

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Sound Proof

By the utilization of multi-chambered profile design with double seal technology, it plays the role of an excellent cover against sound infiltration. With the installment of appropriate glazing, sound reductions up to 40 dB are achievable

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No risk of fire

ENCRAFT Windows self-extinguishes. UPVC does not support combustion and will not spread the fire on its own. It has one of the lowest surface spread of flame ratings of all materials.

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Wind loading

ENCRAFT UPVC Doors and Windows can withstand storms with wind pressure of over 3000 Pascal providing excellent application flexibility suitable for any building structure.

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Global industries group is a registered company duly in corporates under the laws and rules of Government of Nepal Global windows is a fabricator of high quality cora brand of india and brand of china located at Lalitpur,Gwarko Global windows and doors is comitted to home owners satisfaction by producing the best quality

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